Saturday, December 18, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod

These two....what a mess! They are trouble with a capital T and super duper sweetness all rolled into one! One second belly laughs. The next second yelling and tears. I’ve really enjoyed watching their relationship blossom. It’s been fun to watch Lilly really come along side her brother and help him understand things. I’ve enjoyed watching Joshua force Lilly to learn the concept of “sharing”. It’s funny...she knows the sign for “share” quite well, but the act itself is quite hard for her. Then again, she is two.

When we first started talking about adopting again the question came up...younger than Lilly or older? My immediate response was OLDER. She was my baby...16 months old at the time...and I could not imagine her as anything but my baby. There was a 28 1/2 month gap between Lilly and Abigail. Plenty of space for another child, and if spaced just right they would all (based on their birthdays) be in separate school grades, one right after the other. When I first saw Joshua’s profile I couldn’t believe it when his birthday was EXACTLY...TO THE DAY...between my two little girls! As we started moving forward in the process I was reminded that children from orphanage settings are often delayed emotionally and developmentally therefore we were essentially adopting a virtual TWIN for Lilly! Uhhhh...! What? Say that again! A what??? Twin...really...are you sure? Twin TWO YEAR OLDS at that!?! Oh my! What have we gotten ourselves into!!!

I don’t know that Josh is delayed a full year, but regardless he and Lilly are a piece of work! They definitely give each other a run for their money...and at the same time they have so much fun together. Joshua loves to tattle on Lilly, which I’m thankful for because it keeps her in check. And Lilly loves to push Joshua to the edge and then give in the moment he cries for help...with the sweetest possible voice in the whole world. i.e. “Here ya go buddy! Here sweet want this!?! Here, I share with you honey!” No joke, she’s a riot!

Some of the things they’ve done together:
  • played babies (both carrying a baby and purse) 
  • emptied every single book from the book basket, laughing all the while
  • emptied every mitten, glove, scarf and hat from that bucket...again full belly laughs 
  • fought over puzzles, blocks, balls, baby dolls you name it
  • escaped to Daniel’s room to play Legos together
  • chased each other countless times around the house
  • Lilly has guided Joshua to find certain toys, find certain snacks, complete tasks, etc. 
  • Lilly has bossed Joshua to share toys, share snacks, go to the potty, clean up, etc. 

If there’s a mess to be made...they will make it together! If there’s fun to be had...they will do it together! They truly are two peas in a pod! I love it!

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