Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

All 5 kids finally slept through the night last night, so I’m ready to stay up past 9 pm and get this blog posted! Yipee! (Thanks for hanging in there with me...the past 5 days have been great, but the nights have been a bit rough!)

The flight home was uneventful and the kids did great. We arrived at DFW ahead of schedule and were greeted by sweet friends and family. Friends continued to trickle in as we waited for luggage. It was so, so good to see familiar faces, so good to hear a familiar language, so good to see my sweet Daniel and Caroline, so good to see all my kiddos together, so very, very good to be HOME! As I watched my kids together, and watched our friends and family gathered around, it was hard to believe we were actually home...WITH OUR SON! As I talked with Caroline she agreed that the trip went by a lot quicker than expected! I was thankful for that since she had been my wild card the weeks leading up to the trip.

The first 4 nights were full of musical beds, relay wake ups by the three little kids, and the highlight was Joshua at 11 pm shaking his head no every time I nudged him towards bed followed by Lilly puking all over our clean sheets. Good times! But like I said, last night was better, so I’m hoping for more of the same tonight! We’ll see!

The days have been great. I took some homeopathic “No Jet Lag” medicine on the plane...who knows if it really works or if it’s all mental, but either way I don’t feel like I’ve been too affected by the jet lag. Affected by the sleepless nights, yes! But if it weren’t for my kiddos I would have no trouble sleeping during the night! Joshua is doing so well. The first day he was a little timid around the house, but by the second full day home he was exploring the house and making himself at home...and at HOME he IS!!! He loved interacting with Mamaw Abbott and Grammy while they were here and he really seemed to love the attention from them. By the time they headed home Joshua could clearly say “Maaamawww!” It was so cute!

Daniel and Caroline have been as sweet as I expected. They have always been very nurturing, and this experience is no different. You can see in the pictures that they are so sweet with him. And he absolutely LOVES them! Today Daniel came home after a long day at school and as soon as Joshua saw him he went over and kept saying “Aniel!!!....Aniel!!!!” (He can’t quite pronounce the “D” sound) and started hugging Daniel and trying to tackle him! Yes, he’s already picked up on that!

He’s already experienced so much. Already learned so much. Already made so much progress. But rather than go into detail I must go to bed while I have the opportunity! I’m hoping to get another blog posted tomorrow, but we’ll see. Lots to get caught up on!

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