Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Red Couch Photos

In China red symbolizes good luck. It’s a long standing adoption tradition to take pictures on the red couches at the White Swan hotel after a child’s adoption is finalized. Today our travel group gathered to take pictures. You can tell by the picture above that Joshua is not a big fan of people standing in front of him with a camera trying to make him smile! The boy just won’t do it. But just wait until you see other pictures from the day...absolutely PRECIOUS! I mean SERIOUSLY, he is so stinking cute!

Today was such a great day. Lilly is finally starting to feel better although she still has a little cough and snot. Her appetite is finally coming back, along with her personality. Joshua has given me so many kisses and hugs today, and has even asked to be picked up quite a few times! The first week we had him he would moan every time we tried to pick him he’s requesting it! We’re making progress! After the red couch photos, David headed to a group meeting for information about departing Guangzhou. So the kids and I hung around the White Swan and enjoyed the pond, waterfall, view of the Pearl River, huge bird cage, and other sights of the hotel. At one point we were playing “hide and seek” although the only place we had to hide was behind a couch and behind a table! The kids still loved it, and after a few rounds Joshua just came over an attacked me with kisses. I had the camera in my hand so I flipped the viewfinder and started snapping pictures. He was cracking me up...and cracking himself up. It was so sweet.

I’ve noticed on several occasions he’s picked flowers from the many flower beds around. He always gives the picked flower to Abigail! Sweet boy! And tonight my heart was filled with joy as I watched he and Lilly bob down the sidewalk enjoying their ice cream cones. They were so cute together. As I watched them I couldn’t help but think about Daniel and Caroline and how I can’t WAIT to have ALL my kiddos together. D and C it may take Joshua a little time to warm up to you, but once he does, you are going to have so much fun together! He is so eager to learn and laugh!

Just two more sleeps and we’ll be HOME!!! Enjoy the many great pictures from today! Isn’t Joshua so handsome in his traditional Chinese clothing!?!

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