Thursday, December 2, 2010

Headed HOME!!

Well, the day has come! We are HEADING HOME!!!! Just typing that brings tears to my eyes! Daniel and Caroline I am so home sick for other words I miss you both very, very, very much and I can’t wait to give you big hugs and kisses!!!! I must admit the days have passed quicker than I expected, but I’m oh so ready to be home.

In 6 short hours we will be loading our bus and heading for the airport! Just about the time you all are starting to enjoy your dinner we will be getting on the plane. And as you sleep we will be inching closer and closer to home! I think the next 31 hours are going to be the LONGEST of the entire trip!

Our last day in Guangzhou was extra special. We had the opportunity to meet up with Barb and Mike and their newest addition Nora. We first met them back in 2007 on our trips to pick up Abigail and Nina. Barb has been a great encouragement to me, especially in the early years as I really struggled with some attachment issues. It was so refreshing to see her face to face, share struggles and joys, and remind each other why we are on the path we are on...because it’s the heartbeat of our Lord! Barb and Mike, thank you so much for taking the time to come visit us today! It was such a blessing! And how awesome that the Lord would give us the opportunity to meet up again in China!

So, I spent the morning packing up our belongings, and the afternoon enjoying sweet friends! We ate lunch at Lucy’s...this time I went with the old faithful grilled cheese with french fries, and was not disappointed. We let the kids play for a while at the park. And then we strolled the island for a bit before they headed back to their hotel. We enjoyed our last dinner with some take away from “The Cow and the Bridge” Thai Restaurant . Definitely our favorite dinner location this trip. Then finished up packing while watching TV.

Bags are packed, backpacks are stocked, we are ready to go!!! We can’t wait to introduce you all to our newest addition!

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