Friday, February 4, 2011

More Ice + No School = What to Do?

February 1st brought more ice, sleet and snow to the area, so by Nov. 3rd we were going on our 3rd day with No School and forecasts of MORE SNOW in the days to come. We’ve spent the days snuggled up, drinking hot chocolate and trying to get creative with this ice storm we were not expecting! All the kids have enjoyed some time outside. The big two have especially enjoyed the fact that our driveway is literally a ice skating rink. Daniel worked hard to try and break up some of the ice around our doorway so we didn’t slip stepping out of the house. He’s also enjoyed football with our neighbor - they said it was perfect weather for their own super bowl! Slippery, sliding football!

Caroline passed the time working on a class project. She was to decorate a long strip of cloth any way she wanted. The strips would then be woven together with other students strips to make a giant tapestry. After gluing on puff balls and emptying a few bottles of glitter paint she decided use of the sewing machine was in order! She LOVED trying out different stitches and once I got her going she was determined to do it all by herself. It was so fun to watch her use my grandmother’s old machine.

While I love the days with no schedule and no expectations to go out and about, I will be thankful when the skies clear and the grass dries out! I’m ready for summer!

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