Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Rockin' Birthday Cake

This year my husband planned a fabulous day for my birthday! that will be hard to top in years to come unless perfectly replicated! :) It started with a leisurely morning of sleeping in, coffee and bagels. Then a scheduled hour long massage. Followed by the day wide open just for me! I enjoyed lunch at pei-wei, then headed to the mall to spend a couple of gift certificates I’d received for Christmas, then to Starbucks to meet up with a friend - uninterrupted conversation is amazing, then home for dinner and cake prepared by the family! David made a rockin cake! I love my family dearly. They are such an amazing gift. I love the blessing of staying home with my kids and being so involved in every aspect of their lives, but I have to admit the “day off” was so refreshing. I’m definitely thankful for my husband who looks out for me, is fearless when it comes to taking on the kids for the day, and takes the effort to give me this type of alone time. I am truly blessed!

The last picture is of Caroline with the cute little Lego somethinganother she built for my birthday present! Sweet girl...I could kiss her up!


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